Nameplate Services

Labels and Nameplates

We’ve been manufacturing industrial nameplates, labels & most other screen-printed/engraved products to every conceivable industrial manufacturing process. Established in 1989 – taking over an already established nameplate business of 30 years – Nameplate Services expanded into many more fields of work, and in doing so offered a much broader product range. Employing 8 people, most customers find our relatively small size more of an advantage than a disadvantage, siting our flexibility and personal touch in dealing with them as a huge bonus.

Your Choice

Your choice of material and process depends on many factors such as durability and price, but we can advise you on the most suitable choice. We can also help you with your technical requirements and suggest the most suitable and cost-effective solution. Over the years we have gained valuable experience in meeting customers’ requirements. ng their chemical properties, durability and standard conformity

Nameplate Services can boast of having possibly the largest engraving capabilty in the country. With an Epilog Laser Mark Engraver, 2 Epilog CO2 Laser engravers, 6 Computerised Engravers – 3 specially adapted for heavy duty stainless steel engraving – and for specialist applications – two Routers and a Pantograph engraver.

In addition to engraving and etching, Nameplates Services offer a fast and reliable digital printing and screen printing services on most substrates to your specification.