About engraving

Engraving can provide a solid, high quality, durable nameplate product with vast scope for changeable information such as serial numbers or date of manufacture etc. The industry has worked to develop almost any kind of raw material to engrave, whether it be brass, aluminium, stainless steel or plastic. There is a huge range of pre-prepared plastics and laminates ready to engrave, catering for virtually every requirement. There are rigid laminates for durable/outdoor use (in various thicknesses) and fine laminates for high detail engraving. Complementing the process of engraving are a whole range of finishing tools such as bevelling, punching and forming.

The latest technology

AT NAMEPLATE SERVICES we have four of the very latest computerised engraving machines. All are linked to the latest software packages so all you need to do is e-mail your design and we can engrave it on the material most suitable for the job.

With over 30 years of experience in industrial engraving, Nameplate Services provide custom engraving services to our clients needs using the latest computerised technogies.